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Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts for Earth Day
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Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts for Earth Day

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- Cọc tiếp địa thép mạ đồng, lớp mạ đẹp 
- Sản phẩm gồm nhiều loại: Cọc D=16/L=2400mm ; D=14.2/L=2400mm (một đầu nhọn, không có ren) 
- Giá cả cạnh tranh, tiết kiệm chi phí 
- Bảo hành: 12 tháng 
- Hàng có sẵn
- Chính sách: Giao hàng nhanh, vận chuyển đến tận nơi (số lượng nhiều hoặc mua kèm vật tư khác)

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We all know that pollution is one of the greatest troubles facing our world today. We covered some of our favorite Earth Day promotional giveaways last year, and now we'll cover other products that you can take in your Earth Day promotion or in your own office. Helping out the environment isn't only a moral imperative - it's wonderful for business. Initiating a corporate social responsibility campaign sets up a positive brand image that customers will readily choose. Provide the first step by giving your employees the gift of some environmentally friendly promotional gifts. Is your office positioned a short drive away from a local river or beach? Plan a group outing to pick up refuse and plastic, giving your employees this great magnetic pick up tool to assist in the cleanup efforts. The cleanup effort will make a good effect on your community, and is a perfect way to build camaraderie! Remember to post your Earth Day activities on social media to build consciousness for environmental issues. A promotional tote bag with logo printing generates more impressions than any other promotional item, at almost 6,000 impressions per bag according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. This reusable and practical tote bag is an obvious choice, as it enables employees break the cycle of using plastic bags by giving them with sturdy totes for grocery shopping. The insulated bag keeps food hot or cold, great for traveling distances. Promotional water bottles are an amazing idea for Earth Day promotions. Reusable sports bottles also curb pollution by helping your employees stop buying single-use plastic water bottles. This 24-ounce eco-friendly wholesalejeans bottle is constructed with 35% recycled materials. The bottle is entirely recyclable and is composed of 100% biodegradable plastic. Employees can stay hydrated, save the planet, and promote your brand! Well-constructed backpacks last for years, making countless impressions as the recipient wears them to tons of events, while on hikes, or simply to and from the office. Our eco-friendly sling backpack feels like fabric but is constructed from 100% recycled PET. Sling backpacks offer multiple storage compartments while featuring an easy-wear single strap design that make them a breeze to take on-the-go. Our economic promotional lanyards are a mainstay in the office if your team frequently attends conferences or business events then. These often end up in the garbage after just some uses - reduce the amount of waste your employees generate by gifting these eye-catching lanyards constructed with 100% recycled fabric. It helps create the perfect opening conversation piece to demonstrate your brand's commitment to eco-friendly business practices if you plan to wear recycled lanyards at large conferences and events
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Giá: liên hệ 090.622.9901
Giá: liên hệ 090.622.9901
Giá: liên hệ 090.622.9901

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